Just-in-time Delivery

We delivery your product directly to the job site right when you need it.

Vehicles & Equipment

We have a wide variety of vehicles and trailers to accommodate your specific delivery needs.


The procedure to schedule a delivery is as follows:

  1. Submit order to be shipped to account manager or customer service representative.
  2. Customer must provide delivery address and phone number of site contact at a minimum.
  3. To process and load delivery orders effectively an email or in-person confirmation is needed. This confirmation needs to include the requested shipping date, delivery address, shipping contact information, and verification that the product and quantity stated on the order is correct.
  4. Our dispatch coordinator at each KAT facility will arrange and schedule deliveries upon receipt of the confirmation with in 24 hours of confirmation. The dispatch coordinator will communicate the details of your delivery including date, time, and address.

In order to receive first-out delivery, the customer is responsible for getting their orders to their customer service representative, so the order can be processed and tagged, by 12:00 noon the day before the required delivery date. This will be on a first come first serve basis. Only after the order is complete, can we schedule a delivery time. We are able to offer same day delivery, although we cannot guarantee it. The customer will be responsible for unloading the plant material at the job site. At the time of delivery, the customer will also be responsible for inspecting the plant material and must accept or reject it at that time.


KAT Wholesale Outdoor has several vehicles to accommodate the customer deliveries.

  • 3 semi tractors which pull:
    • Box Trailer
    • 3 Flatbed Trailers (capacity of 100-120 2" trees each); 1 w/ lift gate
    • Curtain Side Trailer (capacity of 85 2" trees)
    • 2 Combo Enclosed/Open Flatbed Trailers (accommodates rolling racks)
  • 2 two-ton trucks with trailers (capacity of 70 2" trees each)
  • Hook Truck which can pull a KAT Box
  • Dump Truck (capacity of 20 cy soil or 22 cy mulch)

KAT Wholesale Outdoor has a rolling rack system. This will alleviate potential damage when shipping container plants. It is available for use on our curtain side trailer, box trailer, and combo box/flatbed trailers. This system will be a great benefit when shipping quantities of container plants.

How We Calculate Fees

Delivery fees are based on delivery from a starting point to the center of the destination's zip code as defined by the delivery zone map. You can view the map and calculate your delivery charges by clicking the calculator button above.

Calculate Delivery Charges

We've built this handy little calculator to take the guesswork out of planning your next order.